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What do eyelashes do and why do we have them?

Short and curvy hair that are on the edge of the eyelid are called eyelashes. The reason we have eyelashes is not only to look pretty – though I can’t deny it makes us look pretty – but to protect our eyes from excessive sunlight and dust getting into the eyes, which makes having healthy eyelashes is highly beneficial for our eyes. Eyelashes or simply lashes are just one of the hair groups we have from birth, just like eyebrows. Our eyelashes are highly responsive to any kind of external danger, they react reflexively to allow our eyelids to be closed.

what do eyelashes do

How many eyelashes do we have?

A healthy human has anywhere from 100 to 170 eyelashes for each top eye lid, whereas bottom eyelids have way less eyelashes, averaging at 75 each. It is safe to say we have 350 to 500 eyelashes in total, however it is very difficult to find out how many lashes you have. If you believe you have less eyelashes than an average person, you could ask a friend to count them for you, and then you can return the favor and compare the results.

Why do eyelashes fall out?

Every day, anywhere from 1 to 4 eyelashes fall out naturally, each lash has a life-time of 3 to 6 months. Therefore, on average a person loses about 700 lashes per year, which is almost twice the lashes we have in total, but worry not! It is totally normal to lose that many eyelashes since they regrow quickly. However you should start worrying if your eyelashes fall out in clumps and faster than usual.

What causes your eyelashes to fall out in clumps;

  • High stress levels and depression.
  • Lack of Vitamin B and Vitamin E.
  • Allergic reactions to make-up products.
  • Genetic Factors.
  • Aging and menopause.
  • Chemotherapy and side effects of specific drugs.
  • Ringworm disease.

If you are not sure why your eyelashes are falling out, it is advised to consult an expert to find the root of your problem.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

how long does it take my eyelashes to grow back

Your lashes are frequently exposed to make-up products which makes their life-span shorter than the usual. However, even if you are not using any kind of cosmetics around your eyes, they will still fall out naturally as mentioned above. So, once you lose them how long does it take for eyelash to grow back again? It is hard to say the exact time-frame for one lash to regenerate, as it is different for every person depending on age and if you have any diseases or lack of Vitamins. However for a healthy person it takes about 6 weeks for one lash to grow back again to its maximum length. Once it reaches its maximum length it will fall out in a month or two again. More importantly, if you are losing lashes faster than they are regrowing, you will end up with thin eyelashes, and nobody wants that. If you are like most women, you probably pay a lot of attention to your look and you already know eyelashes are one of the most important assets of a person when it comes to physical appearance. Our eyes are the first things we notice on a person. So let’s find out how to get your eyelashes to grow back again faster and healthier.

Growth Serums vs. Falshe Lashes vs. Lash Extensions

I wanted to share the most effective methods that I have tried to make my eyelashes grow back again. First you need to decide if you just want a quick fix solution, or if you want to have healthy lashes with some patience, and as a result, fascinating eyes. I have tried all of them and I am pleased to share my findings with you here. I am going to compare growth serums, lash extensions and natural oils. However I am leaving mascara out since this blog is focused on those who have thin lashes and mascara wouldn’t be very good for you.

1- Quick and cheap solution: False lashes, it is not healthy in the long run;

In the past, we used to see false lashes used only in the movies by actresses, but in modern times, they have become a part of our daily makeup. Moreover, high quality and natural looking ones are really hard to distinguish from real eyelashes. Although I love the appearance of individual eyelashes, it takes a lot of time to paste them between my eyelashes and if glued too much you will damage your real lashes in time which will result in having thin lashes. I would only recommend wearing false lashes if you are attending an event for example and are short on time. This would be understandable for not splashing out for lash extensions or some of the other solutions.

Here are three of my recommendations that look real and will have minimal damage on your natural lashes;


Eliace 50 Pairs 5 Styles Lashes Handmade False Eyelashes


Icona Lashes Premium Quality False Eyelashes

2- Quick but expensive solution: Lash extensions, it is hard to maintain;

There are three types of lash extensions, synthetic, silk and mink lashes. I went for the silk lashes as I thought they looked like the best substitute for real lashes and they are lightweight. However as natural as they look, at the end they are not real lashes, therefore you have to take good care of them. The application takes about 2 hours and you will have to visit your beauty salon every three weeks after the application to maintain their look and feel.

3- Slow but the best solution: Growth serum, you will need a bit of patience;

As I said, you will need a bit of patience, months to be precise. But I guarantee you that you will be happy with the result, why? Simply because you will have real lashes that you don’t have to keep paying for maintenance, or worry about if they look natural or not. It gives you healthy lashes with permanent beauty on them.

Alternatively, if you want to make your serum using a variety of oils and vitamins, have a look at this blog post to see which oils are good for lashes.

Here are three of my recommendations that are proven and work really well;

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RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

Best Value

Hairgenics Lavish Lash – Eyelash Growth Enhancer & Brow Serum

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Easy Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum Irritation Free Formula

Which one to buy?

As I said, I have tried all of these methods mentioned above. If you are looking for a quick solution just get fake lashes from a good brand but if you just want your lashes to grow back thicker, longer and better, my advice is to use an eyelash growth serum. Simply because real lashes are better than artificial imitations. Initial cost can be higher than getting a fake lash, but it’s worth it since you won’t have to spend extra money after you have your lashes back.

Do eyelashes grow back if cut, burnt or pulled out?

If you accidentally pull out, cut or burn your lashes, you don’t have to worry and neither do you have to use any products to make them grow again, they will grow naturally in a matter of weeks or months. As mentioned above, we lose about 700 lashes per year and a pulled out lash is no different. To speed up this regenerating process you can use one of the growth serums I reviewed in this post.

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